Almost every international student prefers to get their education in Canada. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Canada is full of topped rank schools

It is a fact that Canada is loaded with top ranked universities of the world. For instance, there are 3 Canada schools which are in the top 50 schools of the world. They are University of Toronto, University of British Columbia and McGill University. As the quality of education in such universities is top notch, no wonder international students prefer studying in Canada by the means of Get in Canada Immigration.

  1. Education in Canada is super affordable

The universities in Canada is super affordable for international students. On an average, the students need to pay around 50 percent less tuition costs in Canada than they would pay for the similar program in the US. Additionally, the cost of living in Canada is quite affordable too which includes the housing and rental rates shifting on the basis of where you prefer to live.

  1. Interesting student life

Many international students prefer to study in Canada because of the awesome student life. The Canadian colleges and universities are loaded with communities, clubs and a lot of extra curricular activities. Ranging from the music and theatre clubs, to the intramural hockey teams, there are a number of ways for students to have fun and interact with others. Almost every university and colleges have companies particularly dedicated to the international students as well so that you can stay in touch with others around the globe.

  1. Options for permanent immigration

Canada heartily welcomes and adores international students and to such an extent that the Canadian government has made it convenient for the international students to permanently immigrate right after their graduation. Most of the international students are qualified enough to apply for a PGWP or Post Graduation Work Permit that lets them stay in Canada and work after graduating. After having a year of work experience, many international students become qualified for permanent resident status via the Canadian Experience Class of Express Entry.

  1. Attitude towards newcomers

There may be many countries around the world that are forbidding immigrants to enter their country, but Canada is doing quite the opposite. Canada has agreed to accept more than a million new immigrants in the upcoming years. That is the highest number ever recorded in Canadian history. Additionally, the polls claim that most of the Canadians acknowledge the essential nature of newcomers and support immigration to Canada. The country is deemed super safe and welcoming for immigrants or newcomers from all various countries around the world.