If one is taking disability insurance whether long term or short term, you have a benefit of income replacement in the condition of sudden disability.  You pay premiums to ensure that you and your family have proper financial security during unforeseen circumstances. But sometimes, you may be the victim of the tactics of the insurance company and you may receive denied disability insurance claim.

But do not get discouraged if you have received denied long term disability claim. This denial is usually tactic to save money for the insurance company.

Why choose a lawyer in case of denial?

Long term disability insurance lawyer will help you to get the full worth of your long term disability insurance policy and benefits and can legally pursue your claim.

Denied long-term disability claims if represented by a lawyer then becomes a necessity for the insurance company to settle the case because of financial and legal threat.

Then, the claim will be processed quickly and the benefits will be granted.

Child Disability Lawyer:

In case of an unfortunate event that your child suffers from sudden disability due to accident or illness by third party negligence like a car accident or daycare negligence, get in touch with disability lawyer who handles child cases. A child disability lawyer will represent your case while you can take care of your child and financial stability of your family.

Benefits of hiring a long term disability lawyer:

  •    A string appeal letter with an overview of your insurance policy.
  •    Collection of all evidence like medical reports and other important evidence
  •    Communication with doctors and hospitals.
  •    Adequate handling of any “bad facts” associated with your claim that may be harmful to your case like failure to follow the proper guided medical treatment.
  •    Full legal representation in the court of law.
  •    Cross-examination of any negative testimony
  •    Properly address to any legal formality
  •    Saves your time, energy and money
  •    Seek other benefits you may be entitled to.

Cost of Disability Lawyer:

It is important to hire an experienced long term disability lawyer who can take a strong stance needed to represent your denied disability claim.

An experienced lawyer should negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf while being mindful of your overall social and financial wellbeing of yourself.

A quality lawyer will collect the contingency fee which is a portion of your settlement.

Why choose Yegendorf and Associates?

We have some of the best long term disability lawyers in our team who are experienced in handling the most difficult cases as well.

We offer reasonable and fair expenses to our clients.