The current US administration has taken a very critical view of immigration to the US. President Donald Trump’s entire election campaign was designed with ban on immigrants as a corner stone and consequently he has released few very harsh anti-immigrant measures post his ascendancy to the white house. Although most of his anti-immigrant policies are currently restricted to immigrants from 7 Arab countries and America’s next door neighbour- Mexico, there is no strong evidence that might suggest that this policy will remain restricted to the above mentioned countries only. There is every possible indication that President Trump is planning to bring many more countries under his anti-immigration policies. President has been very critical of job offshoring to countries like India and China and consequently he has tightened up the already very tight H1B visa rules. You can find out more about the tightened visa rules on the website of US immigration department.

These developments have stopped, if not reversed, the two decades of work done in globalizing world economy and therefore the forward for further integration of world economies looks bleak. Early signs of trade war has already surface between the US and China. Up till now all the policies that have been rolled out by Trump administration has been very regressive in terms on globalization and there is no evidence that there will be any relaxation going forward. President Trump is very clear in his thinking that all the talk about globalization and its benefit is trash and American people do not deserve it. He is not ready to give ear to economic experts who are shouting against his policies on the top of their voice. Trump’s economic policies centres around keeping the entire value chain in America. He wants to interact with the world community only for basic raw material and that also only if America is not self-sufficient in it. What he fails to realize is that we are currently living in the 21st century and the policies that he is designing is suited for the 20th century. Even after his best efforts he will not be able to undo the effects and after effect of globalization more than 5%. This means that America will continue to interact with the world for its economic needs. If Trump does not accommodate international trade and relations in his policies then the ultimate looser will be American people because one fine day they will realize that they were living in a fool’s paradise.