Personal injury law is very complex, and it involves a lot of specific practices and rules. Lawyers who handle cases like divorces, trusts, bankruptcies, or wills are Jack of all trades, but they are masters of none. They do not try insurance companies lowball and cases accordingly.

You will risk the quality of your legal representation if you choose a lawyer that doesn’t specialize in personal injury law. You need to hire a lawyer who has a history of defending cases to trial. Some lawyers if not most, who advertises that they can handle personal injury cases have never seen a courtroom before.

They take a case; try to pressure their clients to accept a settlement. Insurance companies are very ruthless and aggressive. If these companies know your lawyer does not go into trial, if they find out that your attorney is terrified of the courtroom, they will take advantage of it and will make ridiculous offers and make little to no effort to settle with your case.

They know your lawyer is shooting blank bullets and that he will crumble to pressure. They will also pressure you to fold when the lawyer sees that the insurance companies are not going to budge. If your legal counsel is not willing to put your case in front of the juries, the insurer will know it, and they will make sure that you will lose the case.

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If you have a big case with serious physical injuries like a big accident, it is vital to know that your lawyer can deliver a considerable settlement or verdict. You need to ask your legal counsel how many million dollar settlements or verdicts he has had. Is your lawyer a member of the Million Dollar Advocate?

This group is a known organization of lawyers who have tried or settled cases worth millions of dollars. Not all cases are worth a million dollars, but if your case is worth that much, you need to make sure that you have a lawyer who can win your case and deliver the goods.

You have to choose a legal counsel who is an active member of national or state trial lawyer groups. The serious injury lawyers learn and collaborate from other great personal injury legal councils. In today’s environment where insurance companies are not reluctant to use all underhanded techniques and dirty tricks in the book to make the injured person look bad in front of the juries, it is essential to be up to date, as well as to know what these insurance companies are up to. Click here to know what Million Dollar Advocate is.

Find a lawyer who has enough resources to take your litigation very seriously

When you are hiring a legal counsel, you need to look around. Do they sound like a successful lawyer? Does their office look like a good and stable office? Do they have a credit line or personal assets needed to prepare for your case? Personal injury cases are very costly to develop. Legal counsel needs to prepare for the case properly.

Sometimes, doctors need their deposition taken and should appear in front of the juries sooner or later. Other experts like biomechanics, economists, vocational rehabilitation experts, accident Reconstructionist, or life care plan specialist is needed in the case. The cost of a single case can range from $100,000 up to a million. You need to make sure that the lawyer you hire has enough resources to play with the big league.

The lawyer should allow their clients to talk to their previous clients if needed

If the lawyer is good, do you think that they would have problems with allowing their clients to talk with past clients that they have represented? All great lawyers have satisfied clients, and they are not ashamed to let their present clients speak to previous people they served.

If a lawyer tells their clients that they can’t allow you to talk to their past clients, you need to carefully consider that perhaps there is a reason for their hesitation. Maybe they didn’t do a good job from their previous cases.

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You need to find an attorney who has lectured and written in the personal injury department

Ask the lawyer you are hiring about articles or studies that they have written regarding personal injury issues, as well as the presentation they have given. Do they have a public service television show or radio talk show that tackles personal injury cases? If they have never written or given a presentation, or never hosted a television or radio show, you need to know whether they know a lot about the field or not.