Finding an attorney is not the very first thing any person will do when they are looking for legal aid. Rather, they go straight to Google, trying to find solutions on their own. That is exactly where you can find them; get them hooked on your content as well as convent them from readers into clients that are paying. But, remember, this scenario is probably only when you are intentional about search engine optimization or SEO law firm.

Powerful marketing channel

A Google search is a very powerful marketing channel; tons of pages will get no traffic out of it. This is because of two very common reasons that they stay in isolation. First, there is hardly anyone who searches for content. Second, Google does not find those resources being credible enough to rank them on the first page of results from searching. We both know that rarely no one goes to that second page, so that is why traffic from there is bad.

SEO marketing

The major question is how to get into that very small percent of traffic-driving content. This is simple; you will need to begin focusing on two facets in your firm, SEO marketing – keyword research together with building links.


What are keywords; they are little hints letting Google know what queries to rank your legal content. If these terms used got no searches, there is no one to suggest your write-ups. Learn more on how to choose keywords with a potential for first page ranking.

Opt for informational queries

Since the majority of people Google for issues rather than your legal services, you need to create content build around information queries. These are the problems that your firm can help with. For example, if you provide legal advice on employment. Here are examples of keywords to catch your target audience:

  • Who to contact about unpaid wages;
  • How to handle discrimination at work;
  • How to sue an employer for harassment;
  • What is the law for workers’ compensation?

Test keywords

Once you develop a list of good keywords, check yourself by matching real users’ queries and get more ideas. For this, begin typing some phrases into the search area, and you will get more suggestions on how to diversify. This Google feature is known as Autocomplete.