Let’s learn more about the role and responsibilities of criminal lawyers in Melbourne in this article. In case if you have been charged with a criminal offence like assault, robbery, theft, murder or impaired driving, you will need the service of felony lawyers in Melbourne. When you have experienced felony attorneys within Melbourne behind you, you will be able to save yourself from the trouble. It is important to hire experienced criminal attorneys in Melbourne, who has handled cases of similar nature in the past. Selection of defence lawyers around Melbourne is extremely important here. You cannot make a mistake here. Let’s take a look at the role and responsibilities of a criminal lawyer below.

Gathering information regarding the case

When it comes to defence attorneys in Melbourne, the biggest responsibility they have to deal with is the ability to gather information. As a lawyer, you need to talk to all the witnesses present at the crime scene. The lawyer will study the case and present both the positive and negative aspects of the case to the client. That will make it easy for the client to look at the case from a realistic point of view. In some cases, the lawyer will sit with the prosecutor in order to negotiate on the reduction of charges as well.

Inspects all aspects of the case

  • A criminal lawyer will look into all aspects of the said case. It is important to study the case really well.
  • And they might hire investigators to collect more evidence regarding the case.
  • They will look into every loop hole in the case so that they can save the client from prosecution.
  • As a criminal lawyer, you will be protecting the rights of the individual before the court.

Appear before the court

A list of criminal lawyers in Melbourne or anywhere else will appear before the court on behalf of the client without fail. Besides, they will keep the clients up to date about the happenings in the case. They will be updating the clients on a regular basis. This is extremely important as the clients will be able to understand the real chances of winning the case. As a criminal lawyer, you will have a word with your clients regarding the possible punishments for their crimes. Moreover, they will explain in detail about the policies and methods which are needed to ensure a fair conviction.

Nature of the criminal offences handled

Now let’s take a look at the nature of the criminal offences handled by your criminal lawyer. Dangerous driving, marijuana possession and cultivation, impaired driving, fraud, theft, shoplifting, murder, assault, domestic abuse etc. can be the major offences handled by a criminal lawyer. A criminal lawyer plays an important role in defending the client irrespective of the nature of the offences. They provide the assistance needed by their clients in the court of law. When it comes to most lawyers, they have their own websites.


Before choosing criminal lawyers in Melbourne, you can go through as many websites of leading lawyers.