It is a common conception that consultation with any personal injury lawyer always means fighting a legal battle in the court. Though the possibility cannot be overruled, still most of the personal injury cases are settled out of the court. That saves client’s time, hassle, expenses and stress involved into a trial. Being represented by an experienced attorney enhances your chance of receiving the best settlement in your favour in the shortest length of time. An attorney will try his best to work towards benefitting the client in the best possible way. However, he will never agree to a deal without your consent.

Auto Insurance Coverage

If you have suffered an injury due to other’s fault, you should make an optimum use of your health insurance if it includes coverage for accident. You can utilize the insurance coverage to pay for medical expenses within a reasonable amount of time instead of waiting for settlement of the case. Benefits from health insurance coverage will not cause any increase in rate.

Dispute with Creditors

It is not uncommon for a person to face different types of financial problems after meeting an accident. If the injury is severe, he fails to continue with work. Adding to his financial woes are increasing financial obligations. You should adopt the responsibility of notifying your creditors about your current situation before you become a defaulter. The creditors, in most of the cases, understand the problem and agree to a proposal of delayed payment. If required, your Fort Wayne personal injury attorney will contact the creditors and explain the matter. He may also agree to pay them from the proceeds of settlement. Having a Credit Disability Insurance will help you continue making loan payment as long as you are not able to resume work.

Litigation Process & Settlement Negotiations

The nature of the personal injury cases requires the lawyers to put in an extensive effort and due to this reason, you may not expect an immediate response from the person. However, you will receive response within a reasonable amount of time. A good lawyer is always ready to answer his client’s queries. Time taken to receive a settlement depends on a number of factors and the commonest ones are as follows:

  • A great deal of legwork is required to obtain photographs, witness statements, police reports etc. The lawyer will work towards collecting as much evidences as he can for verification of the causes for the accident in order to find out who was the actual wrongdoer.
  • An attorney can proceed only after you are discharged from hospital or have recovered from your injury. The stability of your physical condition is very important for the lawyer to take the next step. At that point, the lawyer will ask for your medical reports and bills, employment status and other related details for documentation of your damage.
  • The next step is to involve the insurance company into the process for an offer. It could delay the time for settlement as each case is examined by a number of employees in the insurance company. If an offer is granted, it will be sent for your consideration. Your lawyer will discuss with you about the next courses of action.