If you decide to fight a traffic ticket, you will benefit from at least consulting with an experienced Columbus traffic defense lawyer. Your case is definitely more complicated than you realize, and you will never find a judge who will accept “I didn’t do it” or “The police officer ignored everybody else who was speeding” as a valid legal argument.

No court can require you to hire an attorney for any type of case, but almost no person who serves as his or her own attorney succeeds. Winning in court requires following proper legal procedure, gathering evidence to support one’s innocence, analyzing the evidence the prosecutor intends to use, and convincing a judge that imposing a sentence would be unjust. An experienced defense lawyer should know how to do all these things.

Even attorneys hire lawyers. The amount of work that must be done to properly prepare for even a case as seemingly simple as contesting a speeding ticket is daunting. Relying on an attorney to do the majority of the prep work while you focus on everything else going on in your life will ensure that no details get neglected.

Another reason to hire or consult with a Columbus traffic ticket lawyer relates to the reason you decided to fight the charge in the first place. Either you deserve the most vigorous defense because you are completely innocent or you need the most vigorous defense because a harsh penalty will disrupt your life too much.

A traffic ticket lawyer in Columbus, Ohio can also help those who are charged with reckless driving. The penalties for the offense that state laws actually call “reckless operation” can include jail time and a lengthy license suspension that leaves the person completely unable to legally drive a commercial vehicle. A conviction also puts points on the driver’s license.  Points will increase your insurance rates and make you that much closer to losing your license after a subsequent traffic ticket conviction. Accumulating 12 points in a 2 year period on your Ohio driver’s license will result in a suspension that requires an in person class, retaking your driving test, a reinstatement fee, and serving out the suspension period before you can get your license back.

One thing to keep in mind when hiring a Columbus traffic attorney, or a traffic ticket lawyer anywhere, is that not every attorney is the same. Take a little time to do research online and talk to a couple of attorneys before deciding who you want to represent your best interests. Base your choice of attorney on how sure you are that the lawyer will answer all your questions quickly and honestly, treat your case as a priority, and go the extra mile to achieve the best possible result.

The final thing to know is that you can consult with a defense attorney without hiring him or her represent you in court. You may choose to do this if you have a tight budget or have been through traffic court before and believe a little guidance on how to tackle your current case will suffice. You might even want a second opinion on a proposed plea deal. Just because a charge sounds less serious does not mean you will avoid harsh penalties if you agree to plead guilty that supposedly lesser offense.

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