In simple terms, a defense attorney can be defined as a lawyer who represents the defendant facing criminal charges. The defendant has to be very diligent in selecting the lawyer otherwise this will lead to the losing of the case, which will result in losses to the person or the company. You need to look for a really good lawyer; Elliott Sauter, PLLC can help you in your search. Here are some of the major things to look for in the selection of a defense attorney.

  1. The integrity of the defense attorney


This is the greatest point of interest when looking for the best lawyer. This is because many competitors use unscrupulous lawyers so that they can find out your secrets and how you were caught on the wrong side of the law. Remember that these are white collar fraudulent cases and they involve monetary gains in unscrupulous ways. Your competitors also want to make money in these ways, so the defense attorney should be a person whom you can fully trust, and their integrity is without question.

  1. The experience of the defense attorney


The more experience they have, the greater the probability of winning the case. This is because the experienced defense attorneys know all the possible ways that they can defend to win the case.  The lawyer without experience will end up being fixed in one argument, and in case it fails then you end up losing the case.

  1. Cost of hiring


Of course, the economy is a major anchor in all disciplines. You should always go for a cost-effective defense attorney, who does a quality job. You can go for a cheap one who does not do quality work. You, therefore, need to consider that.

  1. What’s next after the court case?


Some lawyers always think that just after they have lost the case, then all is gone. Diligent lawyers always seek an appeal to a higher court. They don’t have a losing spirit. Others always want to be paid their money immediately after the court session. These are the worst lawyers because their major intention is money and not winning the case. You should, therefore, question your defense attorney before you have signed the contract for them to represent you.


Once you have taken the above into consideration then you will have solved you case 50%. This is because the type of defense attorney you chose is a major anchor in the winning of the court case. Remember that the defense attorney always represents you.