Life in reality is unpredictable especially when there are dangers around leading to death. Death in this era of modernization has may faces, no doubt in that.If some of our loved one dies, we are left with serious troubles if he/she possessed something worthdistributable. Thisbecomes even more complex if there are a lot of contenders in the list of heirs.Human beings are prone to some general attributes that are not effected by caste, color and creed, obviously.

Sydney is not exceptional which represents a total population of more than 5 million people. The government of Australia has devised rules and regulations to direct their courts to settle issues of probate process. Lawyers of different calibers have been competing in the market of Sydney prone to issues pertaining to asset distribution, for a longtime.

This article directs and guides the reader to give them an insight of how things work if they face any situation like the above mentioned. Estate/trust lawyer of Sydney like any other lawyer of the same field in other parts of the world experience more or less same situations. Except that they are liable to different laws made by administrations of their areas. Deceased’s asset distribution is a diverse issue.

Job of this lawyer:

When someone dies, usually leaves a testament behind. If not, situation becomes different. Let’s stick to the first scenario for now. In the will of that person a name of a person is to be mentioned who acts as an executor.

Who is an executor?

In the terms of law, an executor is a person who has been named in the will to carry out administration of the estate (assets) of that particular person. If he accepts that responsibility i.e. to act as an executor, he is bound to distribute all the shares to the heirs and other possible claimers.

If a name hasn’t been named, then a trustee who can also be government employee(if you are living in Sydney) gets the charge of administration.

Famous lawfirms:

Below is a list of some of the probate lawyers in Sydney firms that can solve your problems.

1.K&L Gates LLP

2.C&L Solicitors

3.German Australian Law Solutions

Well you can easily reach them through their websites. Just goggle the names of the law firms. You can follow displayed links to their websites. You can settle issues with them by contacting them through the provided phone numbers.

There are multiple firms active in Sydney, it is not recommended to just follow and look up only these namesrather you should be willing to do some research on yourown. Having knowledge aboutpeople’s career before you hire them can save you time and money.


Probate filing fee depends upon the estate (assets)of the deceased, particularly in Sydney. If the estate worth is greater or equal to five hundred thousand dollars, then subsequent fee would be about one and a half thousand dollar.

A final insight:

Whether you belong to the deceased or want to help your friend in this situation, you need to have some prior knowledge to tackle the issue wisely. After all, an issue settled with peace is worthwhile too.