First of all, we must understand the root cause of the company’s failure to apply this year, and then apply the right medicine.(h1b 被拒)With the comfort and encouragement of my friends, I was finally ready to calm down and be my Business Case. Fortunately, I found Ruiwan, Shan and Danny to help together. Afterwards, my friends in the job map brainstorming my case content with me, because some of my friends have had the experience of fighting for H1B, and at the same time helped me to simulate how to seize Stakeholders quickly when competing with CMOs for opportunities.

In simple terms, I used my paper to explain the situation in one page – my irreplaceability, and the urgency of applying for H1B, etc. (h1b 换工作) Then I used this business case to escalate to the CEO. (At the time, I was informed that this decision not to draw lots was The CEO’s) allowed him to fully understand my situation and make a new judgment.

Followed by direct leadership and support from colleagues around. After I carefully prepared all of my 2015 Key Contributions, I also provided 2016’s initiators for everyone. I successfully obtained the support of CMO and all marketing teams, and successfully made everyone my key stakeholders. However, in the end, the company was forced to change its policy this year, refusing any request from the sponsor. Although I did not succeed in this fight, but if we encounter this situation in the future, we must try to fight for it. I have people around to succeed.

After confirming the failure to sponsor the news, I have already imagined in my mind the innumerable times that I sat on my return plane. Distressed, angry, desperate. The mood went down to the bottom. But think about the fact that you have already made some achievements and gained appreciation from the industry. Will you really say goodbye to US imperialism? I do not want to give up. I started LinkedIn and started to apply for a resume. Although I didn’t expect a lot of hope, as long as I saw the right position, I would cast my resume.

The next morning, something magic happened. A recruiter contacted me and asked the horse to try it. I briefly studied the next position and the company. I refused the HR and invited the first round of electricity. I asked for a direct dialogue with the hiring manager because I didn’t have time to prepare for several rounds of interviews. My fight for a direct Final interview.

For the interview, I was very confident. I prepared a comprehensive Case Study, analyzed the company’s digital marketing efforts, and designed some future strategies. These are the accumulations in my daily work. The interview went smoothly. Recruiter said that he was ready to send an offer to me. I am also very appreciative of this company and I decided to start my job. In this regard, the three-day trip to find an unusual job ended and it was officially transformed from Marketing Analytics to Digital Marketing Manager.