Everyone strays from the straight and narrow from time to time. Even the best of us can find ourselves at some time on the wrong side of the law, at least from the perspective of someone else. But you don’t always know if the problem you are up against is serious enough to need a lawyer or simply something you can reason your way through without the cost and trouble of hiring someone. You may already have a great lawyer such as the folks you see at kenphillipslaw.com.

But having a lawyer available doesn’t always mean you want to call them every time a situation comes up that begs a legal question. You may still wonder whether you should call your lawyer or not some day. So how does anyone decide if they need a lawyer in a particular situation? Here are a few things to ponder while trying to decide that question for yourself.

How Complicated Can It Be?

The truth is the law if very complicated and it is getting harder to untangle your rights with every passing year. You might think that what has happened to you is pretty simple, and it might be that you are right. But so many things can go wrong that will affect you for the rest of your life.

Do you really want to take a chance that you can handle this without your lawyer at least giving you a helping hand? The twists and turns of the legal rights of each of us are hard enough to follow when you know what you are doing. If in any doubt at all, calling your lawyer first is always a smart move.

Document Filing and Court Costs

If the law was as simple a thing as clarifying your position, then we would all not need legal representation. But the truth is that with any legal situation there are many different kinds of legal forms that must be filled out, filed and then brought to court in order to make your case.

Knowing which piece of paper is absolutely critical for your defense is why lawyers spend so long in school. Take advantage of all that detail oriented knowledge and get your lawyer’s office to take care of the paperwork so you don’t find yourself in trouble because of a simple piece of paper.

Private Dicks and Witnesses You Never Knew

So many people get side-swiped in court when they suddenly discover that someone knows more about them then they ever thought possible. That is because all too often in a case where real money or need is involved, someone may have thought to hire a detective to dig out the dirt. Just make sure you have a lawyer to ensure that whatever dirt is dug up, it isn’t a surprise and it doesn’t hurt your case.

Those wild weekends in Mexico may have been a few years ago, but it should come as no surprise when you file for custody of your kids that your ex-wife has all the right kinds of photos to prove you are such a deadbeat of a dad. Be ready, and tell your lawyer everything.