Every state in the USA has criminalized the act of driving under the influence of alcohol. That is why, only the criminal courts handle the DUI cases. The defendant has every right to represent himself/herself in court preceedings. However, you, like most defendants, may hire a private attorney or the court may appoint a public defender to represent you in court.

Ask for a Lawyer’s Opinion

It is uncommon for someone, who does not have legal training or experience, to understand the nuances surrounding a DUI case. The laws governing DUI cases are complex and evolving from time to time. Adding to this complexity is the uniqueness of every DUI case. For instance, someone causing an accident resulting in serious injuries while intoxicated. Another instance might be someone who is sleeping in their car in a Las Vegas parking lot with the car keys in the ignition. There are myriad reasons why people are arrested for DUI, which in reference to the example above, is why retaining a qualified DUI lawyer in Las Vegas makes a lot of sense.

Free Consultation

Many DUI attorneys offer free, confidential consultations. Others may charge a small fee, but it will not be a waste of your hard-earned dollars. Carry your police reports and other necessary documents for your lawyer’s consideration. Also make a list of questions to ask your DUI attorney on your first meeting. This can help reduce the amount of stress you experience during this difficult time.

Face-to-face interaction is a good way to get an idea if the person is up to the work and your expectation.

Do You Have to Hire an Attorney?

It is possible to make things work out without an attorney’s help. A “standard first DUI” refers to the case if the offender has no past record of DUI convictions and the offense involved no high blood alcohol concentration, injuries or accidents. Therefore, hiring a lawyer to represent you in a standard first DUI may not bring you added benefits. However, it’s a good idea to at least consult an attorney. The worst thing to have happen is suffer unnecessary consequences that an experienced attorney could have helped you avoid.

Still, You Should Hire an Attorney

DUI attorneys with valuable experience can bring a change in the standard offer by finding the loopholes in the prosecution’s case. He can accomplish the goal by turning the prosecutor’s attention to the mitigating factors. If the prosecution has overlooked a mistake made by the police officer, it can work to your benefit in your case.

You Need a Lawyer for Trial

The DUI laws don’t prohibit you to represent yourself in the court. However, it’s never a good idea to go it alone. Lack of knowledge regarding DUI laws and trial skills is likely to put you in a significant disadvantage in court. And the judges are rarely patient enough lend sympathy to self-represented defendants. The conclusion is, you should hire a competent DUI lawyer for your DUI case.