Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. Due to unawareness among masses about how much personal injury lawyers can help, most people have to bear the heavy financial burden of their treatments themselves. Personal Injury or Tort law allows a person to get a fair amount of compensation, when someone else’s negligence or action has caused an individual serious harm. There are two main ways through which you can seek judgment; a formal settlement or an informal settlement.

Formal Settlement

Formal Lawsuits start when a person files a civil case against another person, organization, corporation or any agency, about any irresponsible or careless act that has led to their injury or disabling condition. For this process, you need professional help from a personal injury lawyer in Fort Wayne who will handle all your case from beginning to end. All you need to focus on is healing whether that be mentally, physically, or both.

Informal Settlement

When opposing parties are not willing to go to court for a final settlement, it is possible to resolve the conflict through an informal agreement. In this case, both parties’ insurers and lawyers will be present on their client’s behalf. The accused will be given an official document with the agreeable amount of money to be settled on.

Now let us take a quick peek at some of the most common cases of accidents in which personal injury law is applicable.

Slip and fall

As a property owner It is their legal duty of a property owner to maintain the safety of the premises to avoid any accidents or injury. This law is of high importance for those who are renting out their property. For example, if you are not maintaining the staircase properly, there is a huge chance of slip and fall which may lead to a strong case of personal injury against the proprietor.

Dog Bites

Owners who have aggressive dogs should maintain a proper leash or restraints such as a fence or cage to avoid any mishap. In the case that a dog does bite an individual, the owner is solely responsible for the damages caused by the animal. However, the exact law on reimbursement vary from state to state.

Medical Negligence

As a patient, you put your full trust in your doctor or medical professional to do their very best when treating you or a loved one. Don’t pay the price of someone else’s mistake. If ever a mishap, the hospital and/or the doctor should recompense your bills.

Food Poisoning

In the case of getting food poisoning from a food chain or restaurant, they should be responsible for all medical expenses and treatments until you regain your health. It is possible that a severe case of food poisoning could lead to  death.

The only question to ask yourself is, why wouldn’t you want a personal injury lawyer to manage your case? You should want a professional who has experience getting people the justice and compensation they deserve. Someone to stand firm in your lawsuit.

Some of the functions of a personal injury lawyers are:


They will collect evidence from the pictures, witnesses, and medical and health records. After the client is medically sound, they will verify the documents with the detail of the accident and thus establishing the fault.

Negotiation on the Amount

After tallying the situation, they will approach the faulty party or the insurance company to reimburse the full amount along with the necessary proofs. If they don’t agree to the conditions, then the law firm will proceed to the final stage.


After an official lawsuit is filed against the company or the person, they have 30 days to respond to the notice. Discovery proceedings will take place verifying all the authenticity of the details provided by both the parties. After the proceedings are finished, a trial date will be announced.

So it will not be possible for you to fight a fair case and win in the court without an experience and reputed personal injury lawyer. Always do your research work before choosing your representative.