There is nothing better than being able to do what you love at the comfort of your own home, and the satisfaction of actually accomplishing something in bed. Work would seem like less of a hassle if we were able to do it at home, and any daily task for that matter on the occasion where you just want to stay in. This also applies to online gambling. Not everyone has the time to drive for an hour or two to a Casino or finds it convenient enough to dress up and go. This is where the internet proves to be most useful, with the ability to access any type of forum online. Online gambling is a quick and easy way of playing your favourite game, let it be Poker, Blackjack or even just betting on sports at the luxury of your own home, it very convenient and easy.

Online Gambling Now

Stating that gambling is illegal is a misinterpretation of what the American Law states. In 2006 the ‘Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act’ (UIGEA) passed, this states that it is illegal for businesses associated with gambling to accept any form of payment, and doing so would be considered as a Federal Offence. Technically it is legal to gamble and deposit money in your ‘online wallet’, but when it comes to the site/business to process and accept your payment, you will probably be declined the ability to do so. Many owners of illegal betting sites have been fined considerably and owners were arrested for creating a medium in which people can bet on, and not only owners of illegal businesses, even people betting on the site. In many states, you can get jail time and/or a fined for what they consider is an incriminating act. In America right now there are only 3 states where it is completely legal to gamble online. Delaware and New Jersey which offer an Online Casino and Poker, so basically most games which you find in a Casino, and Nevada, which only allows online poker.

Sports Betting is Changing

In 1992 the ‘Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act’ (PASPA), an overturned law that was placed to create a ban on sports betting, was passed as a form of decreasing scandals happening due to sports betting and with the intent of saving the integrity of the sport. Scandals like the Black Sox Scandal, or the Tulane University Point shaving scandal, are just a few examples of how money can impact the game.

Long since PASPA passed, people realised that it has failed completely, people still gamble illegally and people who wish to gamble still go to illegal bookmaking locations, and websites based outside of the US.

The realisation that illegal gambling still happens all across the states has made the government reconsider the law. The government knows that illegal gambling is not taxed, not regulated, and on top of that scandals still take place in different forms, which are more probable to occur in an illegal bookmaking operation. Other than that, in legalizing sports betting, the states will make a great deal of money when it comes to tax revenue.

Congress has allowed sports betting to transpire, now it is up to the individual states to legalize it, right now sports betting is legal in Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey, and many more states like Illinois, Kentucky and Rhode Island are moving towards legalisation.

Playing Online in The United States

Thousands of people gamble from their homes every day, but usually, people tend to use offshore websites, outside of US Federal law jurisdiction since online gambling isn’t fully regulated. There are many sites that cater to American Citizens that are credible and reliable enough to transfer money to. One of the sites that has one of the best reputations amongst Americans is Bovada. Bovada allows deposits with Visa, Credit Card and even Bitcoin. Here you can view the Bitpokerstar’s Bovada Review. Other than that, if one wishes to use any other site, he/she should be aware if it is a genuine and reliable site before depositing money. One should take a look at the criteria listed below and implement this as a reviewing process.

  1. Payment Options.
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. State Restrictions
  4. Reviews
  5. Licensing
  6. Customer Service
  7. Multiple Product Lines

Remember, you are dealing with money, so taking a step back and reviewing sites before gambling would be the wiser choice.

Bottom Line

US states are in the process of legalising sports betting, so it shouldn’t be a problem to wager bets in the coming months. When it comes to online sites it may take a bit more research to make sure of its legitimacy, my recommendation would be to try out Bovada, because of it’s wide range of sports and casino games, rapid transfer of winnings, and above all it has a reputation behind it being a very reliable site. If you choose to use a different site, make sure it is legitimate, make sure it has a variety of games and is safe to transfer money.