Who is a Landlord?

A person who rents out a land, building or accommodation is known as a lawyer. They are known for renting lodgings, boarding houses, properties and pubs.

Who is a tenant?

A person who occupies the land or property or accommodation as rented by the landlord is known as a tenant.

Who is a lawyer?

A person who practices or studies law and provides services that require lawful attention and proceedings is known as a lawyer.

Understanding landlord tenant lawyer concept

A landlord tenant lawyer is one who concentrates in the lawful questions arising out of a property that is rented by the landlord to the tenant and services every lawful issues and proceedings related to the same.

Role of a Landlord Tenant lawyer NYC:-

  • Drafting of the lease contract
  • Handling a dislodgment
  • Possession claims including those that are brought under the enhanced possession practice
  • Proceedings that fall outside the enhanced possession practice
  • Defense and counter claims by tenants
  • Warrants and application to stay eviction
  • Handling charge dispute

How to find the best lawyers?

Landlord Tenant lawyer NYC is a tricky thing to find out. These simple guidelines may help to find a lawyer easily.

  • Using State and local resources
  • Online lawyer services
  • Referral from other lawyers
  • Meeting the lawyers before giving the work.
  • Asking questions to understand the prospective of the services that may be expected

What are the kinds of disputes that the landlord tenant lawyer may handle?

Here is a quick look at the kind of disputes the landlord tenant may have and the lawyer may be required to handle.

  1. Accommodation Charges
  2. Home maintenance cost
  3. Lease violations
  4. Rent control issues
  5. Non primary accommodation
  6. Overpricing of rent

These are the common disputes and a skilled lawyer should be well responsive to these disputes to know what exactly need to be done to close the case.