How to regain child custody

A child conceived inside or outside marriage is indeed a precious gift that any parent is lucky to have. The child can be a biological son or daughter, or an adopted one. Regardless of the means from which the child came from, during a divorce, the child is always the one who is much more affected than the parents themselves.

Most of the time the separating couple fails to realizes that above their personal issues, the child’s needs must be put first. The child never asked to be born in this world, nor did he ask to be adopted. Parents have the responsibility to make sure that their child gets the proper care and love that they deserve.

When it cannot be rectified anymore and parents have the need to separate, the child’s custody can go to one parent. If the other parent loses the custody battle, then that means that for some reason the family court finds that parent unfit to raise the child.

If you think that the court made the wrong decision, or you simply want to regain custody of your child, then the family lawyers in Sydney can definitely help you out. Here are the followed steps that most family law attorneys follow together with their clients:

  • Hire a family lawyer – it is imperative to get a lawyer who knows how to handle a family law case thoroughly. You already lost your chance at getting custody of your once. You cannot afford to lose the second time.
  • Evaluate what went wrong in the first custody case – since the court preferred that the child goes to your spouse, then there must be something wrong that made you unfit to have your child. Look into the reasons why. Those reasons ad answers will be of great help in your second custody case.
  • Follow court order – if the court provided instructions on how to gain joint custody or to be a better version of yourself, then do not argue. Do it instead.
  • Evaluation must be requested – an evaluator will check your case, will evaluate your home stability, your character, and of course will see how the child sees you as a parent.
  • Address the issues – whatever issue you’ve got that causes you losing the first custody case, you need to address them fast.
  • Follow the law – make sure that everything that you are doing will reflect on how good and responsible a parent you are to your kid. You need to attend all hearings, and if you are awarded by visitation rights, make sure that come on time and return the child back on time.
  • Shared legal custody and visitation rights – if this has not been given to you, then you must file to get joint custody and visitation rights.

Family lawyers can use their expertise and professionalism in getting back your child, but it is up to you to show what future the child can have.