When a couple having children divorces in a responsible manner and crosses the whole process as conscious parents, able to help their children go through emotional and psychological reactions to shock, the devastating effects of divorce can be minimized significantly.

The Divorce and the Custody Problems

Despite the huge stress created in such circumstances, parents’ ability to provide children’s safety and continuity results in long-term benefits for all involved.

  • Whether we used to argue in front of the child or hide our problems and put them under the pressure while our marriage is moving fast towards the end, divorce is a shocking experience for a child.

And although the situation cannot be avoided, there is one thing we can do for children, in case of b: we can minimize shock by preparing our children, speaking with sincerity and consciously about what is happening. Children need guidance throughout the divorce process, but there are some moments of maximum vulnerability:

  • When divorce is announced
  • When one of the parents moves
  • When custody arrangements are made
  • When marriage is legally broken
  • When you begin to live in a split universe: home to my mother / home to my father
  • When one or both parents begin to meet with other people
  • When a parent decides to move to another location
  • When one or both parents decide to recapture and create a stepfather

If we know how to deal with the situation, we can avoid painful scenarios. In case of divorce, pain is inevitable, but trauma can be prevented. With the help of the Child Custody Lawyer Las Vegasthese matters can be legally taken care of.

First of all, we need to remind ourselves that the moment when divorce is announced is the number one on the list of the first eight high impact moments that children experience in divorce. It is recommended that parents instead of making the announcement while they are still in shock after the decision, start working on their own shock, process their own emotions and then prepare the baby. At the time of the child custody cases, this becomes a primary matter.

What Generally Happens

  • After spending some time to relieve their emotions and feelings, parents can start looking for a future plan based primarily on the child’s need for stability and continuity.
  • One example would be for the father to find another home while he continues to spend time at home with his baby for a month or two to help him adapt to change. Details of the father’s visits, including how often and how long they are going to be, are set so that the close relationship with his father is kept.

Later, the child may be involved in making choices about these arrangements, so that he feels that his opinion is important and does not feel completely helpless in the circumstances that have been imposed on him and on which he has no control. In such cases, legal support becomes inevitable and at that time, the need for the family law attorney comes up with the best solutions.