Interstate 45 (I-45) is an interstate highway which is located in Texas. Large vehicles like trucks are common to ply on such highway. But, safely driving a truck or tractor and avoiding semi truck accidents requires great driver skill. When drivers make errors deadly truck wrecks are often the result. Here are the small driver errors responsible for the highest number of at-fault wrecks. This is the reasons I-45 truck accident attorneys are busy helping the drivers in Houston and Texas.

Drug Use Caused Errors

Nearly 50% of the truck accidents involve the use of some kind of drug. Drivers are not permitted to take any drug as it is completely illegal. Also, operators may also not drive taking any kind of prescription medication that could cause drowsiness or that reduce attentiveness and reaction time. If they cause such accidents only I-45 truck accident attorneys can come to their legal protection.

Driver Fatigue Related Errors

Excessive fatigue causes a problem to even the healthiest person. So, most of the accidents are caused when truck drivers are tired, and their cognitive ability and reaction time go down. The tiredness also makes them get distracted easily. So, drivers are required to adhere to strict Hours of Service laws that ensure they are not behind the wheel for too many hours. Getting enough rest to help them relax and work properly during their duty hours.

Front Brake Depowering

Many drivers depower the front brakes on their trucks to preserve them. Doing so, and relying on trailer brakes to stop the entire rig is extremely dangerous and is ill-advised. Hence, most of the truck accidents are caused when a truck with the front brakes depowered rear-ends of another vehicle because it could not stop in time.

So, avoiding such small but life-threatening errors could save the lives of thousands of drivers.