Child custody is the most important aspect of any divorce proceedings. The child is the one that suffers the maximum in any divorce. The parents fight over trivial issues, but the child is the one that pays the biggest price. The family law lawyers at Yanez and Associates are experts in this aspect of law.   

The law stipulates that the child custody should go to the parent who has the higher earning capacity. It concludes that such a parent will be able to provide the necessary upbringing for the child. Sometimes, the law can be wrong as well.

One has to agree that money is very important in this materialistic world. However, there are certain things that money cannot buy. One of those things is the unique bond that a child shares with its parents. No amount of money in the world can influence this bonding.

Therefore, you find the divorce lawyers trying to bring about out of court settlements thereby avoiding divorces from taking place. Once the court sanctions a divorce, it becomes an order that has great sanctity. It can become tough to break this situation and bring about a settlement for the sake of the welfare of the child.

It could just happen that the child would have a greater sense of attachment with the other parent. Hence, the court order as per law would not be in the right interests of the child. These are minor aspects as per law but they have great emotional value. These lawyers from Yanez and Associates have this sort of commitment while entertaining divorce cases. They look at the future prospects and advice their clients accordingly. This is why you find a large number of child custody cases settled outside the courts. The courts know it but put up a blind eye towards it because it is in people’s interests.

Handling divorce cases requires a lot of tact. If you have child custody issues to go with it, the task becomes more difficult. This requires the legal attorneys to delve deep into the problem and find out the best solution. In the past, the man was the person earning a higher income. Hence, deciding child support and custody was not a big issue at all. Now, we have women earning equally if not more than man does. This brings a new concept of joint custody of children into the picture. Under this arrangement, each parent gets custody of the child at pre-determined intervals. This ensures that the child gets the best of both worlds. Hence, you see the lawyers at Yanez and Associates making a pitch for such solutions in almost all their divorce proceedings. This is in the interests of the child.

The interests of the grandparents are of paramount importance. Many lawyers do not give much cognizance to this fact. The divorce attorneys at Yanez and Associates understand this crucial aspect of law. The grandparents have an equal right as that of the parents. They have their visitation rights. This is best for the children.