Oral contracts are often entered into by people however little do they realize the fact that they take time for you to prove in a court of law. This is why it is important for you to be aware of the Law of Contracts in the USA if you really wish to protect your business rights and liabilities. If you resort to a written contract you will be easy for you to enforce it in a court of law and protect your business interests.

Daniel DeKoter Attorney – what should you look for in a business contract

Many people often are in a rush to enter into business negotiations for their interests. In the midst of this hurry they do not visit lawyers or draft a written contract emphasizing on the terms and conditions they have agreed upon. It is obvious that some people are not so lucky and the other party to the contract performs a violation or breach. Daniel DeKoter is an experienced lawyer in the field of business and civil litigation in the USA and he says that most people come to him with the grievance that they have been victims of breaches and violation of the contract. He and his team help clients draft and frame business contracts. The Daniel DeKoter Attorney team makes an earnest effort to help their clients understand the legal importance of drafting written contracts over oral contracts as the former is easier to prove in court of law.

Why should you not resort to oral contracts especially with a friend?

He says that you should not resort to oral contracts in a bid to save money. He adds you must be prudent and take time to visit a lawyer and get a written contract drafted so that both parties have a proof of the agreement they have entered into for business. There are some people that are confused on whether to go in for a business agreement or contract for the sake of their business operations. Both are more or less the same except for the fact that the former is for a short -term cause and the latter for a long- term cause. However, it is prudent and recommended that both parties should enter into them for the protection of their business rights and obligations.

There are some people that enter into partnerships with their friends with the hope that they will not be betrayed however in most cases there are cases of violation and breach especially if the agreement was made with a business intent in mind. He says that no matter what kind of partnership you are getting into for the purpose of business. The Daniel DeKoter Attorney team says you should be practical and wise even when you are entering into business agreements and contacts with your friend. Consult a good lawyer and always get a written business agreement or contract drafted so that you and your friend face no ambiguity or problems in the future while you are conducting business transactions.