In our life, some unlikely situations occur that we do not hold any control of. Sometimes we do stuff that would change our lives forever. A serious matter such as being involved in a crime will always be embedded in our minds and will forever tarnish our reputation. At most times, people tend to want to face the charges alone, thinking that hiring a criminal defense lawyer will cost a fortune. That mentality should be avoided, though. If we choose to represent ourselves alone in the court, it might make the situation worst. Here are the following dangers we might undergo if we choose to represent ourselves in the court:

  • Being alone at the arraignment hearing, the accused may be taken into the police custody and face being jailed up on high bail. Calling an attorney inside may take a while.

  • If the accused tries to identify the legal terms according to his or her understanding, chances are, judges and prosecutors will end up losing their patience, since time is of the essence and serious matter like that should involve a criminal defense lawyer that understands legal terms.

  • Availing a copy of the police report about the defendant’s arrest may eat up hours because there is no one with the defendant to back him or her up, resulting in lack of crucial information.

  • The accused just may not be prioritized in the courtroom, given that he or she doesn’t have anyone who understands the legal terms. The accused could end up waiting all day for the case to push through.

  • The prosecutor might not render legal advice regarding the defendant’s criminal case, making the matter even unbearable.

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