The humans are winning, and again the electronic tape recorders are making a comeback and the good old job of court reporters.

Fast typists who could type 225 wpm with an accuracy of 95% were deemed competent for the job. In 1990 the demand faded when the budget cut was imposed, and courts were switched to electronic recorders.

Schooling for Oklahoma court reporter takes three years of intense training. Writing listening to the voice for medical transcription, court reporting, and closed captioning, needs formal education for students.

Court Reporters are also known as Voice Writers

The voice writers have a very high rate of accuracy, and many people are drawn naturally into this career, whereas, you need to be a skilled stenographer for court reporting. The voice writers do not need to learn shorthand or stenography. The interesting fact is that as voice writing goes on with the voice, at the same time. This means that when something is said, they type it directly. So, a voice writer can also have a speed of 350 wpm.

The process is that through the stenomask the court reporter speaks in the mask and the stenomask accomplishes two jobs, one is that it silences the voice of the court reporter so that he or she doesn’t disturb the court, and secondly, the voice of the court reader is recorded using a highly sensitive microphone. Nowadays, the stenomasks are sold with a guarantee that complete silence would be there of the court reporter when he or she speaks anything through the mask.

The court reporter speaks whatever is spoken in the court, and he or she ensures that everything is spoken accurately. They just not only speak what people are speaking, but they also repeat the same emotional reactions, gestures, spoken words, and also the sounds made by judge, witness, attorneys and anything in the court.