Often in contracts for a houseit might be practical to have several various conditions that can help the buyer or the seller or both. One example is when one of the parties might have to sell another house before closing on the house in this case. Or you might have sold the house but haven’t gone into settlement prior to closing settlement in the current contract.

Consumer protection

For the protection of the consumer, there is a five-business day cooling off period on the conveyancing contract as is required under legislation. This cooling off period begins on the day when “seller signed contract” has been received by the buyer or the buyer’s solicitor and it will end at 5 pm on the 5th business day.

End contract for no reason

It is during the period of cooling off you can end property conveyancing contract with no reason given, but you may have to pay a termination fee of 0.25% of the price for purchase and the seller is able to claim under current legislation.

Sweeten the pot

Often in order to sweeten the proposal to a seller, there can be a waiver of the cooling off period but it needs to be in writing quickly so the buyer if not familiar with the area might need to know “where is a conveyancer near me”. This is the buyer’s choice for this waiver and it is also their right to also keep the cooling off period in place.


The deposit on any contract can be amount accessible by the buyer as part of their terms. Normally theexercise is that the total combined deposit amount doesn’t surpass 10%. Also, you need to remember that the seller might have thought about a firm amount of deposit being presented as your pledge. ‘Brisbane Real Estate Agents’ and conveyancing lawyers in Brisbane will usually expect an amount that displays your sincere interest in the house and is suitable to protect their commission with the seller when contract is settled.