Have you heard about the term ‘Estate Planning’? Estate planning is the process of making a Trust, Will and other important legal documents like a power of Attorney and Health Care Directives.

Everyone dies. Contemplating the inevitability of morality does not need to be all negative. Consult an estate planning attorney San Diego who can help to you develop a more realistic view of yourself, your values, and the fruits of your hard work. And most importantly, the most efficient way to transfer all of your accomplishments to the ones you love the most.

An Estate Planning attorney helps you to determine the best way to plan for death. If you own any assets (regardless of value), you need a ‘Will’. A Will is important to manage all your assets and financial affairs after your death. Once you create a Will, a court will make sure that your assets are distributed to the beneficiaries you have designated in your Will. Consult with an experienced estate planning attorney to weigh your options based upon your assets.

It is important to consult an attorney to ensure that whatever plan you have is valid and legally recognized under San Diego and California law. Your attorney will help establish a power of attorney, HIPAA authorization, health care proxy and living trust to protect you and your estate. They will also help you in establishing will or testamentary provision in your living trust protecting those people who you leave behind. Such measures are important for preventing your property from getting distributed within the provisions of San Diego intestacy statutes. If such statutes control, you lose control over who has the right to receive your belongings or assets ad appointed for child guardian.

Power of Attorney

San Diego estate planning attorney can help you to make a valid California power of attorney. A Power of attorney is the legal document that authorizes someone to manage your belongings. There are two types of Power of Attorney, the first one is general giving power to your agent immediately. The second power of attorney is a springing power to the person known as ‘attorney in- fact’ at the moment only when you suffer are determined to lack mental capacity to make decisions. With a valid power of attorney, drafted by attorney, you avoid unnecessary delay, frustration and the cost of going through a court ordered conservatorship. The conservatorship process requires judge to appoint conservator, and may not be the person that you would have choosen.


A Will is a legal document that allows a person to bestow his or her asset to an individual or entity and appoint a  guardian for minor children. Due to the extreme consequences of not having a valid will, it is highly recommended that you contact a San Diego estate planning attorney to making your last will legal.