As a businessman you have to make sure that there are no mishappenings in your office. There might arise times when something that requires your serious attention happens in the office; for example, there might be some serious misconduct allegations made, or incidents of sexual harassment may occur. Both are serious situations which require an honest, unbiased and fair investigative approach. This is when you will have to hire an expert corporate investigation company like Aequitask investigations to look into the situation.

These investigative procedures have a very essential step, which is interviewing. There are some important things that you must keep in mind while conducting an investigation interview. Here are the essential points to  keep in mind while conducting these interviews.

  • Interview the right people: While conducting an investigative interview, it is of utmost importance that you are interviewing the right people. Make sure that the research is well done and the right people are called for the interview, otherwise you will end up losing time and resources.
  • Choose the right time for the interview: Interviewing the person at the right time is very crucial in the process. So, conduct the interviews at the right time.
  • Don’t delay the interview: A delayed interview will not be very effective and it is very important to conduct these investigative interviews on time. Delaying this process can hamper with investigation.
  • Don’t make direct allegations: If the person who is interviewing your employees has a tone which exudes suspicion to the interviewee, it will not be beneficial to the process. You can even end up losing a great employee if you sound like you are blaming the person. And you would of course not want that right?
  • Explain to them the reason: It is very important to explain the reason of the interview to the person who is being interviewed.
  • Ask the right questions: Do your research before conducting the interview and prepare the right kind of questions that will lead the investigation in the right direction.
  • Record the interview and its findings: The last thing to keep in mind is that you should keep a thorough record of the interview and document its findings efficiently.

These simple things are very important for the process of an investigative interview and will result in a successful interview.