Ever since the legalization of cannabis in some states in America, the world has been trying to follow suit. For America, cannabis is one of the fastest growing markets, some reports speculating that weed sales will rival sales of smartphones. And with a market rate skyrocketing that quickly, small and large businesses are looking to get a placeholder in the booming drug market.

So what’s the latest, innovative emergence in the cannabis market? Cannabis Dinner Parties.

High-end restaurants in states where weed is legalized are bringing cannabis to a place generally thought too “classy” for the likes of weed-smokers. People from different walks of life, age, and cultures from across the United States fly specifically across the country to make reservations to attend. And why not? For some weed enthusiasts, cannabis is as important as food.

One group, known as Mason Jar Events, located in Colorado and more known specifically for establishing itself as hosting for more higher-end parties and dinners, is now being known for hosting some of the “swankiest marijuana parties in America.” And these are not your standard marijuana brownie “parties”. Or the ever growing cannabis infused dinners, where cannabis is an additional part of the flavor of each meal, using varying strands to enhance a particular flavor dish.

No, these dinners feature weed as an exotic compliment to even more exotic-sounding dinners, like “hamachi organic salmon tiradito”. Dinners like these are served by notable chefs, with ingredients from the farm and straight to the kitchen. Where the setting is dimly lit, and bread stick bowls are replaced with small glass pipes rimmed with small taps of marijuana. At these dinners, marijuana is treated like a fine wine: being taste-tested and paired with different meals and other drinks. And for those in line waiting to be served, nicely dressed men in proper suits can be found priming pure cannabis oil for guests to hit.

The pallet cleanser? More weed. Delectable and varying strains and flavors are used as pallet cleansers. Once the salmon is done away with, an equally luxurious looking bubbler is placed on the table, passed around to dinner guests to enjoy themselves, relax, and prepare their tastes buds for the next course.

It’s a rapidly rising idea for several reasons. It’s a great change of pace to the marijuana scene, which is still fighting its stereotypes and negative connotations in communities and in the government sector. The reality of the marijuana community is much different. It’s a trade built on compassion and used for healing. Here, differences are set aside and diversity is celebrated. Here, people come together to eat and smoke marijuana. In this industry, cannabis users strongly believe weed is for everyone. And what better way to show it through social dinner gatherings?

It’s easy to host your own fancy cannabis dinner party. You can buy bubblers at thickassglass.com for fancy cannabis smoking to replicate a swanky or classic dinner party. Several places online do high-end food delivery services, where you cook the ingredients yourself. Or, you can order a chef to come make dinner for you! Just don’t forget to invite your friends and family.