5 things you need to know when applying for UK spouse visa.

The spouse visa for travel to the United Kingdom is available in three forms – A family visa for family members who want to join their British relative in the United Kingdom, a Tier 2 General visa issued to dependants of people working in the United Kingdom and a marriage visitor visa issues to people who want to tie the knot in the United Kingdom. While the process of application for each visa type is similar, there are important differences between the application process, as such, it’s crucial that you know the category you fall into before applying for a UK visa.

How to obtain a family visa:

For people who wants to join their spouse already settled in the UK, there are quite a number of requirements needed to obtain a family visa, which includes the financial means to cater for yourself as well as the ability to speak English. So, to obtain a family visa, you and your partner are expected to earn at least £18,600 on a yearly basis, or £22,400 on a yearly basis if you have children.

Here are the documents needed to apply for a family visa:

The proof of your relationship;

Bank statements;

Proof of English skills;

Also, you are expected to provide documents to support the proofs you have tendered. Note that the application fee for family visa is £1,464 so you want to get it right the first time. With the family visa, you are entitled to study and work in the United Kingdom and after a while, you will be entitled to apply for an indefinite leave that allow you to remain in the UK. In most cases, a family visa last for about 33 months though it can be extended.

Who is eligible to apply for a marriage visitor visa?

Visitors who have been in the United Kingdom for less than six months are eligible to apply for a marriage visitor visa. While the criteria for the application of marriage visitor visa is less stringent compared to that of other visa types, it’s important that you provide a proof to show that your relationship is genuine. Also, you are expected to provide your bank statement to show that you can look after yourself during your stay. You are also expected to provide document that shows without reasonable doubt that you plan to leave at the end of the six months. The application cost for a marriage visitor visa is £87, and the application takes about 15 days to process.

Applying for a tier 2 General visa for dependants:

For expats working in the United Kingdom and looking to invite their families over to join them, there are options to include dependent visas on their working visa. So, someone working in the United Kingdom with a Tier 2 General visa can sponsor relatives who depend on them for a similar visa.

Eligibility for a Tier 2 General visa for dependants:

To be eligible for a dependant visa, you are expected to provide secret documents, which includes :

A proof that each dependant has at least £630 for support;

A proof that the dependant has had a healthcare surcharge that gives them access to use the National Health Service;

Biometric details to support their identity.

For dependants outside the UK, the application fee for Tier 2 General visa is £587 and for expats within the UK looking to extend their visa, the application fee is £1,267.

Though the British visa application system can be somewhat tedious and complex, it’s expedient that you apply for the visa type you are eligible for on order to avail unpleasant surprises. Also, make sure to tender the necessary documents to support your application.