Drunk driving has to be one of the most dangerous and life-threatening offenses there is, that is why arresting officers try so hard to be on the lookout for people who may pose a danger to themselves and others when on the road. There are two kinds of offenses when drunk driving that is DWI driving while intoxicated and DUI driving under the influence, both have consequences for the charges and people would have to go to court after the charges have been pressed. During this time, people are recommended to get their lawyers as the law states and advice to keep proceedings formal and under due process.  If you are facing a charge like DWI, it is best to get a specialty lawyer like Houston DWI defense attorney to help you with your case.

However, if you are in a zero tolerance for drunk driving, then you will not be advised to get a lawyer as it does not help because these states have no legal or illegal alcohol blood limits.

Why Seek a DWI Lawyer?

You do have the choice of going to a criminal defense attorney but keep in mind that specialty attorneys have experience in dealing with drunk driving cases, so they know better than other defense lawyers. Make sure to get one with a great track record with his or her arguments, so you know you are in good hands.

DWIs are pretty complicated cases since they are based on figures or hard facts. When the arresting officer saw that you were past the legal limit of alcohol blood content, then you are automatically pressed with charges by the arresting officer. It is all the more reason to seek a specialty lawyer.

There is a difference between DWI and DUI these are two different drunk driving offenses which your lawyer is familiar and specialized in, so asking him about these and other information is part of hiring a DWI or ARL hearing attorney. You can also understand why you were arrested, on which grounds, and how can this be fixed during the hearings. You can know where you stand and what your chances are with your case if you discuss it with an experienced lawyer like a DWI lawyer. ARL or Administrative Revocation License hearing takes place to know whether your license would be revoked or not. A specialty lawyer can help prevent this from happening.

It Can Lessen Your DWI to a DUI or Lessen Consequences

Sometimes a DWI case can be lowered to a DUI case with the right lawyer and steps that he or she will take for your case. DUIs in some states are lower than the consequences of a DWI that is why for that reason you want your DWI cases to be dropped or lessened to a DUI case. DUI cases can sometimes mean hours of community service and not jail time which is why you are aiming for this if your lawyer deemed it is possible based on the status of your case.

These two points should encourage you to seek the service of a lawyer as soon as possible for your case.