All too often in our practice, we have seen divorce and custody cases leads to false allegations & accusation. These allegations may vary from sexual abuse to emotional & physical torture, allegations of serious criminal offences, allegations & accusation of drug abuse, allegations of domestic violence and allegations of negligence, false allegations over characters. To get the restraining order from the court one spouse points against other these are some of the common allegations in divorce and child custody cases.

Although this is the legal battle every spouse has the terrible effect on their lives as well as their child’s life. No matter what & how this phase turned out to be to win this legal mess or battle accusers has to prove these legal allegations false and has to defend them in court.

To deal with it you can take some necessary preventive actions.

  1.    Get Legal Advice:

The case should be handled properly by obtaining legal advice from an experienced Family Law Lawyers Toronto. He will ensure that your case is handled properly from the beginning. An experienced lawyer will understand the situation & accordingly will advise you to prove your innocence.

  1.    Avoid actions that can be used against you:

It is best to avoid conflicting actions against your accuser. All of your actions will be considered by the judge during any trial. Some of these are here. You first have to take care with your social media. It should not have any humiliating & offensive comments. Moreover, personal life should not be disclosed completely. Don’t leave threatening voicemails on your accuser’s phone – these will be used against you in Court. In fact, it is best to avoid conflict with your accuser at all costs.

  1.    Keep witness & evidence with you:

Always keep a witness with you when you have to interact with your accuser. To get the case in your favour you have to gather as much evidence as possible. Either your case is relevant to domestic violence or emotional abuse for divorce and child custody you have to gather evidence against your accuser.

  1.    Be in your conscious:

Keeping a clear mind is the only option at this time when you are accused of any kind of accusation. Although it is difficult but necessary to be in your complete senses while facing your accuser or anyone related to him. It is important to keep your wits about you and not engage in actions that might be construed as adding fuel to your accuser’s fire.

  1.    The investigation by child protective services:

When there is an accusation of child neglect or abuse, child protective services has to involve finding out the truth. It is better to be cooperative with these state services so that it can help you in the long run.

Conclusively, it is critical to approach solid legal advice before you speak to anyone else, about your case. Finally, dealing with false allegations during child custody and divorce will require composed & calm mind & situations. By knowing your rights you can save yourself from this ugly legal battle. Make better choices by educating yourself & by hiring a professional Divorce Law Firm Toronto.