Slip and Fall accidents around stores, restaurants, and malls can be extremely embarrassing. Nonetheless, they can eventually cause serious health issues. There may be several reasons that trigger these falls, such as uneven surfaces, improper design, dangerous flooring materials, and more. 

The store managers keep a constant check to keep the properties safe. Nonetheless, it is also their responsibility to keep the property safe. However, most of the times, these stores may hide the conditions. This is deliberate negligence, and in such a case, the concerned person or authority will be held to be responsible. 

If you have experienced slip and fall in a store or restaurant, you should make sure to take the following measures.

Seek medical advice

If you have experienced slip and fall, your initial concern should be to consider seeking medical advice. Nonetheless, if you are severely injured, you may need to call for an ambulance. Seeking professional help can make it easier for you to get your injuries treated. A minor fall can also increase the risk of torn ligaments and fractures. If you seek medical advice, make sure to get medical reports as well. Apart from that, you can also take pictures of injuries. 

Report the incident

Since the accident has taken place in a store, you should make sure to report the incident. You should ask the concerned authority of the store to produce a report about how and why you feel. Such reports can help claim compensation or when you try to pay your bills. If you do not have the report, the store might not pay for your bill. 

Get a lawyer

You can prefer getting help from expert Atlanta slip and fall attorney immediately. You should make sure to get every evidence of the incident, and the attorney will preserve it. 

If you are injured, you may be entitled to compensation. However, you need to make sure to provide proper proofs and evidence to avoid any risk.