DUI is an act of a person driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other controlled substance. Being under such influence affects the mental capacity of the driver, putting him and others in danger. This is the main reason for considering DUI as a serious offence. Most states are very strict with their driving laws including Florida. Since DUI is considered as a crime, it is dealt with in a criminal court. 

No doubt the charged person has the right to represent himself in the court. But the best line of defense would be to hire a private defense attorney having experience in DUI cases or take the help of court and be represented by a public defender. In either case the charged person would have access to legal advice that helps him protect his rights. 

Why is it important to get a lawyers opinion in DUI case?

DUI is a centralized law, and states are very strict in enforcing it. A person with little or no legal knowledge would find it difficult to understand the strengths and weakness of the case. Further, DUI is a complicated law that undergoes changes frequently. When representing a DUI case the lawyers prepare his defense based on the facts of the case. Every case has unique fact, which needs different approach while handling it. Hence consulting a qualified Orlando DUI lawyer and getting their valuable opinion is necessary.

Factors to consider while hiring a DUI attorney

  1. Attorney specialty: A number attorneys can represent you in a DUI case. But as pointed out earlier DUI is a complicated law that needs special expertise. Hence it is suggested to hire an attorney that has experience and knowledge of DUI case over others. 
  2. Experience: the key factor to look for in a defense attorney is the experience of DUI lawyer. t Experience of a lawyer is always an added advantage. As these lawyers would have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t in the court room. 
  3. Hire a lawyer based on their skill set: It is common for a DUI cases to end up in a plea bargain.  So hiring an attorney having the capacity and skill required to reach a good deal is important. On the other hand if you want to take your case to trail, then go for a lawyer with trail experience.
  4. Free consultation: the last factor that you need to consider while hiring an attorney is whether they offer free consultation. Meeting the attorney you want to hire face to face gives you a clear picture as to what is their qualification, experience and answers to the question relating to DUI. 

In simple terms it can be said that a qualified DUI lawyer can handle the case efficiently. Pay attention to the lawyer’s commitment, skill, experience and knowledge while hiring. A skilled lawyer can help you reduce the time, get your suspended license back, eliminate jail time, reduce DUI charge to lesser offense. 

Present day advancement in technology and lifestyle has made it easy to hire DUI attorneys. There are number of ways to contact and hire a DUI attorney. Online research is the best place to start your initial search for a DUI lawyer. However, remember since DUI law is different for every state, preference must be given to attorneys having experience in the city where you were arrested.