Every year there are huge amounts of individuals who migrate to the United States, with many seeking an opportunity at a better life for themselves or their families and often they are running away from danger in their home country. For most of these people, the United States immigration law is difficult and complicated to understand, further making it hard for those seeking to live in the United States, gain US citizenship, fight a deportation order, or expand their business into the US.

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These attorneys at Hernandez and Smith Law Firm are citizenship lawyers and are dedicated to serving these individuals as well as domestic and foreign businesses with all of their citizenship or immigration needs. Their mission is to provide clients with individual attention and professional services at each step of the immigration process.


This is an office that is bilingual, fluent in both Spanish and English with experience in handling all types of immigration and citizenship cases. They have experience in over 14 or more services in citizenship law they can help with.

International Divorces

Also, those who were married in another country and travel to the United States to live find that they needa divorce but do not know where to begin. There is a common myth that you need to return to your home country or to the country where you were married but this is not true. If you are currently living in the US, then you can file for divorce in the United States, and these attorneys can help you with this. They are known as International Divorce attorneys.


Divorces are the subject of state law and should be obtained in the state/country where at least one of the parties lives. If you have lived in Florida for six months you can get divorced in Florida no matter where you were married.

This law firm practices in the area of International divorce with all the complexities. International divorces are easily handled by these attorneys, including serving a spouse whois located in another country. There is no need for you to risk invalidating your divorce with representation that is inadequate or attempting to go at it by yourself alone.