You might be familiar with these kinds of accidents but you may have never known the term ‘T-bone’ accidents or ‘broad side collisions. These are actually the accidents which occur at intersections when a driver does not stop at the stop sign or take green signal as a sign of reckless driving without looking at the other side of the road, as a result two or more cars collide. These accidents are most life threatening as they can result in death or at least cause lifelong disability.


Like in all the accidents, you must get an injury claim lawyer Yakima to help you out and give favorable advice if your case is taken to the court. T-bone accidents are quite ambiguous and may contain heavy charges against the offender. You yourself can find it difficult to understand that whose fault it was, so for resolving these cases an investigation team is made who visit the scene and look for the evidences in the traffic signal cameras, or in nearby CCTV camera footages as this can clarify the situation and the case can be solved easily.


The chances of t-bone accidents can be reduced if the right of way is understood by the drivers. This is actually a law defining when which car has the right to drive first or get a way. These laws first of all include every driver’s responsibility to stop at the stop sign and look at the other side if there is any car coming or not then accelerate through the roads. The second most basic responsibility comes to all the drivers is always obeyed the traffic rules or signals. Then there are two rules which may have never been introduced to you that are; if one of the drivers came first at the intersection then he has the right to cross it first while the other driver or the entire traffic on the other side have to wait. Then there are instances when the cars from both sides reach the intersection at the same time, in that case the car on the right side has the right to cross the intersection first.

There can be a lot more complications in a t-bone car accident case which can be properly illustrated by a lawyer when you visit them. You can visit the following site for further information