Cases that deal with lawsuits pertaining to contract breaches, damages, compensations, negligence or encroachments, etc are known as civil cases. It is also known as a civil suit and when taken to court, civil proceedings take place. They are meant for resolving conflicts between people or organizations. When another person’s action or an organization’s activity causes someone damage, the other party can file a civil case for relief.

These kinds of cases can be complicated and legal assistance is a must. The best civil litigation attorney las vegas can enable you to get out of a hassle-filled legal situation and save you from tonnes of trouble. On that note, let us take a look at what kind of cases the best civil lawyers in Chandigarh can handle efficiently.

1. Tenant or Landlord Issues

Many a time, disputes arise between tenants and landlords. A tenant trying to sue a landlord for refunding the caution money. On the other hand, a tenant might not move out even after the landlord has sent a notice.

2. Equitable Claims

If one party wishes to stop an action coming from another party that is damaging to the former in some way, equitable claims are the way to go. For example, the destruction of a property is a classic case where one can seek relief from the court. Temporary restraining orders also belong to this category.

3. Contract Breaches

Irrespective of the type of contract, individuals can drag the breacher to the court. In most cases, there has to be a written contract with both the parties signing it. If someone doesn’t agree with the terms, they can be sued.

So, these were the main cases that are best handled in expert legal supervision of a civil lawyer.