If you aren’t about the ‘Thug Life’, then we don’t know what on earth you have been doing all this time! Like… how can you not be up for it, when every other person is actually living it?

Speaking of thug life, the only person that pops up in every rap fan’s mind is none other than Tupac Shakur! Also known as 2Pac, his moniker, he is regarded as the best MC and a hip-hop legend that the music industry has ever had.

For the fascinating and intricate character that he was, by no means could one ever mess up with him, but regardless of that he still had a softer side!  Also, it’s no surprise that it was because of his amazing hooks, uplifting flow and knack for unforgettable lyrics that he was at his peak! Right from Hail Mary to Hit ‘Em Up and everything in between, he’d had an incredible career and still continues to be the music phenomenon he once was.

Having said that, we know you know a lot about his poetry, the music he made and can perhaps even sputter some of his political verses off the top of your head!  But there are still certain things that you might not be aware of. Well, in this article, we’ve covered 5 amazing and little-known facts about the hip-hop legend… so, read on and get to know some jaw-dropping specifics.

Dr. Dre and Tupac never shared a bond

It’s said that the moment Tupac came out of the prison, he signed a contract with Death Row Records label, which ultimately got all his fans keyed up! Because of this move by the founder, Suge Knight, every hip-hop fan was all set to see Dr. Dre and 2Pac team up for countless hits. Most of the fans also believed that both the legends worked together and later on became good friends, until Dre made his decision of parting ways with the label.

Nonetheless, it was finally reviled that all of this wasn’t true!  What’s more, even Dr Dre confirmed that the both of them never worked together and he didn’t know Tupac. In fact, he also told that they’ve never sat in a car together.

Yeah we know, as rap fans it’s really disappointing to know that the duo never shared a bon whilst still being a part of the same crew!

Tupac had made an attempt to create a young band

Back in the early 90s’, Tupac was doing really well and so were other hip-hop artists like ‘Kriss Kross’. After seeing the possibility of being able to manage a young hip-hop crew, he made an effort to set up his own.

With the help of his step-brother Mopreme, 2Pac employed some poor kids from the area of Oakland to become a part of the group he was creating. But, it didn’t really go the way he had expected it to; although one of those groups eventually turned out to be his ‘adult’ group, named as ‘The Outlawz’.

Well, you could say that he was perhaps fortunate that the kiddie group didn’t go off the ground, as those people ultimately when out of style!

The concept of Thug Life was always misunderstood

As you may know, 2Pac was all the rage for having inked way too many tattoos – the most legendary one being the ‘Thug Life’ on his stomach. Of all tattoos, this was the one that grabbed mountains of attention from fans and media which, of course, wasn’t always appreciated!

Tupac got the tattoo inked mainly to stand for the Thug Life movement, which he truly supported and believed in. But most of them took it in a negative manner, thinking he was promoting the illegality of drugs, breaking the laws and creating mayhem in the society.

Truth be told, the movement was all about putting the limelight on the predicament of black Americans in the US and to change lives for their betterment.

After Tupac’s death The Outlawz smoked his ashes

Murder of 2Pac was perhaps the most scandalous and crucial moment in the history of music and rap ever.  His death not only ended the severe enmity of Gangsta rap, but left millions of fans in grief all across the world!

It is said that Tupac’s ashes were smoked by his homies, The Outlawz, as a fitting tribute to their compadre, who himself was a heavy weed smoker.  Well, we don’t really know how true that is, but what we know is… in his “Black Jesuz” music he did mention a line which goes like, “cremated, last wishes n***a smoke my ashes”.

Now whether his ashes were really smoked up or not, one thing that we could surely tell is, whilst writing a Will even you can come up with some kickass last wishes like this!

See, we already told you… these facts are something that you might’ve never heard of and after knowing them you’ll definitely be entranced! Now that you know a little bit more about the legendary Tupac, get going and brag about it in front of your friends!