If it is time to hire a lawyer for your SME, think twice before asking the cousin or family friend recently graduated from law school, or childhood friend. Such a subjective lesson can harm your business. Better do it in a professional way, just as you choose the workers of your company. Here, we will talk about a few steps that are necessary when you will be taking interview for the next professional lawyer as an employee for your SME.

Get advised

If it is within your budget, and is feasible, outsource the hiring service to an external human resources advisor specialized in personnel selection. In parallel, get advice from trusted lawyers in your nearby entrepreneurship circle. They may not specialize in the area you need, but they can be your consultants in the candidate selection process. They will know quickly if the professional really has the experience.

Check references

It is the most important step, perhaps. Direct reference from trusted people is a good starting point. However, do not stay only with good comments from friends and family. Research and verify your candidate, taking advantage of access to information that exists today thanks to the Internet. Take necessary help form free background check tool. Just put the phone number of the lawyer and get all the details (home, address, social profile, etc.) which are important. Only by searching on Google you cannot find good comments or complaints associated with the service of a lawyer. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter can be helpful; Also, LinkedIn is today a good query tool.

Evaluate experience

Determine if the candidate has a background in the legal management of the tax, regulatory, sales, suppliers, patents, intellectual property, or corporate areas, depending on your need.Once the candidate gives you his information, such as curriculum vitae, examples of causes and processes carried out under his direction, and reference contacts, he confirms that he has the years of experience indicated and that he worked in the areas in question. Ask for contact from past customers.

Trade the value

At the end of the day, people evaluate their possibilities between difficulty and price. If you need a lawyer for complex cases that extend over time, you may have to have a fixed point in the company. Here your interest will be in both price and experience; if they are more difficult and delicate issues, the experience becomes more important. Ask for a list of all additional charges that you consider may arise during the counselling for each specific task.

Document everything

Leave everything in writing. Either a minute or an email chain, records the entire selection process, from name search to first contacts and formal interviews. This will prevent misunderstandings or makeshift requests during conversations. Also ask for a type of work plan in writing, with procedures and ranges of task execution times. Avoid misunderstandings and future problems by hiring legal advice that your SME needs. Evaluate if it is necessary to have the help of a lawyer, and for how long you will require their services.

Note: Employee’s background check is completely prohibited. But, it is your rights to know the details of the person (before joining as an employee) whom you want to hire.