People spend all their lives accumulating assets, but pay very less attention to planning their distribution among friends and family in the future. It is advisable to get thinking about this when time is still on your side. Sometimes though, albeit a bit late, people start thinking of this in their old age; and that is when these matters have to be handled even more carefully. This process of planning about your estate for the future is called estate planning and estate lawyers can usually help with this. However, in some cases, the court appoints a trusted person or entity to take this process over for someone who cannot act by himself. Such an appointed person is known as the conservator.

What is conservatorship?

Sometimes old age makes it difficult for people to carry out their wishes regarding the disposal of their assets and belongings among their loved ones. People find it difficult to carry out their wishes as they are dependent on others due to incapacitation because of old age or other reasons. In such cases, the court, in a proceeding, appoints a trusted person or entity to act on their behalf. Such an appointee is known as the conservator, the person for whom the conservator is appointed is a conservatee and the process is called as conservatorship. Such a proceeding can be managed with the help of an expert and experienced Austin conservatorship lawyers.

What are the duties of a Conservator?

The conservator has the duties to arrange for the care and protection of the conservatee, in addition to making arrangements for the conservatee’s healthcare, personal care, housekeeping, recreation, transportation, clothing, shelter and well-being. They also have the duty to work with an estate planning attorney if any, who is working on behalf of the conservatee regarding his estate matters. 

Why do I need a conservatorship attorney?

When someone is impaired because of old age or any other reason, it is difficult for them to manage their financial or property affairs by themselves. They also find it difficult to manage their estate affairs or work with an estate lawyer. In such cases, the court appoints a conservator to act on their behalf. To understand this process better or even to start such a proceeding, it is advisable to work with a qualified and experienced conservatorship attorney. 

How is a conservator different from a guardian?

A court appointed attorney should ideally share an attorney-client relationship with his conservatee. However, where the conservatee is not able to share such relationship with the attorneys, the court also appoints a guardian-ad-idem for such conservatees. The guardian is entitled to make decisions on behalf of the conservatees, which may or may not always be the case with conservators. 

How can I choose the best conservatorship attorney?

When choosing conservatorship attorneys, it is important to look for someone who will help and guide you through the lengthy and complex process of conservatorship. Firms like Kirker Davis LLP can turn out to be an ideal choice since they are experienced in conservatorship cases and are going to stay with you till the end. Just some research and you can get the right conservatorship attorney in no time. Visit