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What precautions to take before choosing a lawyer?

Criminal law concerns both natural and legal persons and defines acts, conduct or behavior contrary to the Penal Code and which constitute offenses and offenses. The person responsible for these breaches of the law or offenses against the Penal Code is called an offender and the criminal sanction is called a sentence. Several conditions must be met for a behavior or offense to be qualified as a criminal offense:

  • The offense must be provided for by a legal text,
  • The offense must have actually been committed materiality, 
  • The offender must be able to understand.

Unlike special criminal law, which concerns the rules applicable specifically to each offense, general criminal law concerns all the rules applicable to offenses, without distinction but in their general principle. Likewise, unlike civil law which concerns relations between individuals, criminal law concerns relations between society or the public collectivity and an individual.

How to choose a criminal lawyer?

It is recommended to be advised or assisted by a criminal lawyer with good experience, as resorting to investigations or to criminal courts is often a complex and difficult ordeal. The criminal lawyer will know how to appreciate the stakes of the case thanks to his experience in this specific area of ​​law.

As part of his practice, the criminal law lawyer advises and assists people summoned before the criminal courts or the gendarmerie or police services, to set up and choose the most effective defense or questioning strategy. The criminal lawyer intervenes at all levels of the criminal procedure, from the police investigation to the appearance of the accused before the trial court, Police court, Criminal court or even before an Assize Court but also before the jurisdictions of the application of sentences.

Generally a criminal lawyer registered with the bar of Paris, or of a large city of France will plead not only in the city of the bar where he is registered but also before all the criminal courts and in the overseas departments.

Some criminal lawyers have particular expertise in criminal business law. Generally, this experience in business criminal law was acquired after several years of practice in both business law and criminal law, which allows these lawyers to intervene in complex cases and procedures carried out by the investigation services. 

In matters of criminal business law, business leaders may be questioned in particular because of their functions and responsibilities, they will have to answer for charges such as abuse of corporate assets, serious accidents at work, abuse of trust, fraud, embezzlement etc.