It is important that all legal documents are translated correctly. They should record the exact meaning, and words, of the original text. Failure to do so will result in gross misunderstandings and costly consequences. 

Importance of language

It is hugely vital that the translated document is exactly the same wording and phrasing as the original document, as this is a requirement of law. Without using the services of a professional legal translator, huge and custody errors can happen as a result of this negligence. Mistakes are often made because of the multiple meanings of many words. When we consider the word award we are aware that this word has several different meanings. One is that of ‘damages’ that are allocated by a court of law, another meaning is ‘prize’, that is given for a particular achievement. If this one word is translated incorrectly, it changes the entire meaning and context of the text. Therefore, it is extremely important to get it right. 

The complexities of the written word

A legal document has to be translated correctly, this is a fact. Difficulties arrive when a nonprofessional legal translator attempts to do the job, because the written word is incredibly complex. 

Suggestion is an incredibly important aspect of any legal document. In essence, the document will either try to influence the reader or to persuade them with a particular point of view about the stated facts. This needs to be a running theme throughout the entire document. To be able to achieve this, you need to have thorough knowledge of the law, as well as being a trained linguist. 


The document needs to be translated carefully and correctly, in order for the exact same legal interpretation to be made. This is a vital part of legal translation. 

A vital part of legal translation is also that of maintaining clarity within the document. The transaction has to be both clear and concise, as a failure to do so will result in misinterpretation. 

The Importance of Professionally Translated Legal Documents

If you choose to use a nonprofessional translator to translate your legal documents, or indeed a translator without any legal training or knowledge, then the consequences can be disastrous. What can happen is that the evidence produced in the court of law, is immaculate, stating facts that are simply not true. This can result in the wrong individuals being convicted, a loss of earning, a loss of reputation and then less work going your way because of reduced credibility.

The Importance of Professionally Translated Legal Documents

To avoid costly expenses and a loss of reputation you need to ensure that all legal documents are translated correctly. This will include documents such as transcriptions, patent submissions, business contracts, visual data and acquisitions. All of these need that attention to detail and accuracy during the legal translation process. Online translation services, many of which are free, do not have any legal knowledge, and do not offer a protected environment in which to submit sensitive data, meaning that anyone could see the document. Therefore, be safe and always use a professional translator when you need to translate any legal document.

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