Injured workers have got full right to enjoy the benefits which fall under worker’s compensation. Employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball can help you with the answers in relation to frequently asked questions about benefits of worker’s compensation which are related to the job-related injuries.

Let us find out the basic questions along with the answers:

  1. What is actually the workers’ compensation?

Workers’ compensation often denoted as “workers comp,” is a payment made under the law to an employee who has met with injury at the time of work. Every individual state has its own workers’ compensation policy. You need to check your own state’s workers’ compensation benefits laws through an expert like employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball.

In many situations, the worker’s comp works as insurance wherein they get the money no matter who was at fault.

  1. Can an employee get workers’ compensation benefits, even if he or she was not actually at the workplace during the time of injury?

Depending upon the facts and, you get the answer to this question. Employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball suggests that if the injury is related to the job it gets covered. For example, if an employee is a salesperson and is injured while traveling to some institute for the purpose of sale then compensation is paid adequately.

Also, employees injured while attending company related recreational event, they may receive workers’ compensation benefits even though at the time of injury they were away from the company’s premise.

  1. What types of incidents are and are not covered under worker’s compensation benefit?

Workers’ compensation is mainly to cover injuries that result from employees’ or employers’ carelessness. If an employee during an injury had consumed drug and alcohol and proved in the test too, then employee workers’ compensation benefits are denied. Compensation is not given if the employee violates any company policy or law. It also includes injuries which didn’t take place at the job.

  1. Will worker compensation cover the medical expenses too?

With the proper medical report, you definitely get medical expenses cleared under worker compensation. It includes payments related to hospital, medicines and such. It depends upon the status of injury.

  1. Which are the other expenses that worker’s compensation benefit cover?

Apart from medical bills, you get benefits regarding:

  • Income related to replacement
  • Retraining expense
  • Compensation for injury which is permanent
  • If worked met with death, survivors will get the benefit
  1. Can an employer fire the employee or tell not to file a workers’ compensation claim?

No employer cannot do so as it is prohibited. You can visit employment lawyer in Toronto Stacey Ball in case employer retaliates against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim.

  1. Can I sue my employer for workplace injuries?

No, it is not appropriate to file a lawsuit against your employer for workplace injuries. There are chances that you may get disqualified from receiving workers’ compensation benefits.