Legal protection, regardless of the guarantee offered (see above), may be presented under a single contract. Legal protection, irrespective of the guarantee offered, may be presented in a multi-risk insurance contract, which is governed by several branches of the Insurance Code, in a separate chapter to avoid any confusion.

Example: defense clause recourse in a civil liability insurance contract.

Legal protection clause backed by a trip cancellation insurance policy offered via your credit card. This provision relating to the need to combat tied selling, the consumer must always have the choice whether or not to subscribe to an optional guarantee, originates from a recommendation of the Commission on Unfair Contract Terms relating to insurance contracts for passenger motor vehicles. You can visit for the best results.

Can I benefit from termination at any time?

  • The termination mechanism of the insurance contract at any time does not apply for the legal protection insurance. Termination two months before renewal remains the rule. Be careful on the schedule if you wish to terminate your contract.
  • To condemn the clauses whose object or effect is to require the policyholder to take out a defense-recourse guarantee insofar as, in particular, this type of guarantee remains optional.
  • A few years later, in 2003, following a referral to the National Consumers Council, the CCA drew up a relative recommendation on “legal protection insurance”.

This recommendation stigmatized 15 clauses particularly criticized especially with regard to the free choice of the lawyer or the possibility for the insurer to raise a forfeiture of guarantee (not taken care of a sinister following a non-compliance with a provision contract after the occurrence of the incident).

It is particularly interesting that this recommendation, which, unlike all the others, has no regulatory value, was a source of inspiration both for the commitment made by insurers in this area of ​​activity and the law, for consultations or acts of procedure carried out before the declaration of loss, reimbursement of the expenses and fees incurred for the settlement of the dispute benefits, in priority, to the insured person for the expenses remaining at his expense). For the personal injury lawyer near me you can go here and there.

What is the cost of insurance?

Like any other type of insurance, depending on the guarantees offered, the limits of guarantees, the territorial scope of the application of guarantees, the insurance premium can vary from one to ten.

It is common to see that customized solutions based on your risk profile will take the form of a stand-alone contract which, due to their technical nature, are more expensive than the guarantees included in support contracts.

For the latter, the insurer must indicate separately, to the other guarantees present in the contract, the cost of the premium with regard to the legal protection operation.

Moreover, in a commitment from the profession of 2005, which is not binding, the insurers have undertaken to ensure that this separate cost of legal protection insurance is clearly expressed in the notice of expiry.

There are limits as to the amount of the guarantee (guarantee ceilings) and threshold of engagement of the guarantee. Like any other branch of insurance, the legal protection insurance may, depending on the market participants, provide for ceilings in the contracts.