Law firms may have talented attorneys working on different cases, with one or more than one attorney tracking them from time to time but they are poor when it comes to collaboration and communication. There is the presence of a multitude of technologies for collaboration and the attorneys of the different law firms fail to adopt the technologies. This lack of collaboration between the modern day lawyers adversely affect the efficiency and productivity of the law firms. Though there is the mobile technology which the lawyers can use to collaborate with each other. It is undoubtedly a good way for a lawyer to stay connected with its fraternity.

Roadblocks to Effective Collaboration

Often excessive mobility of the lawyers causes difficulty in collaboration. As an instance if a lawyer is collaborating with another fellow lawyer on mobile phone then often it happens that he has to rush from one place to another while communicating via phone, sending a message or an email. In certain times mobility can pose difficulty in collaborating across a firm. Often it happens when lawyers send emails copying their fellow attorneys yet they require narrating the situation to the attorney. The entire process is unproductive and that’s the reason why lawyers prefer a solution that guarantees them more effective collaboration.

Effective way to Collaborate

The most effective way to collaborate is to create a central meeting place for the attorneys where team members can share files or provide updates. Modern collaboration devices can be availed on mobile devices so that attorneys can easily communicate while they are in road or office. There are apps which when used in mobile phones of the attorneys give status updates on cases. If the attorneys have anything to share then they can add it and ensure that those who need it can see it. Other resources that entities of law firms can use include SharePoint, cloud services, different social media websites to do social media collaboration.