Learning the common signs and indicators of elder abuse and neglect can help you determine whether or not an elderly individual in your life is suffering from this type of abuse.  There are certain signs to watch for that will signal to you that it is time to intervene and get your elderly loved one help.

Physical Abuse Warning Signs

Some common warning signs that elder physical abuse may be occurring include unexplained injuries, such as bruises, welts, scars, broken or sprained bones, and broken glasses.  You should also take note if you see rope marks on their wrists, which could indicate unnecessary restraining.

Emotional Abuse Warning Signs

Warning signs to watch for if you have emotional abuse concerns include withdrawn behavior or behavior that mimics dementia, such as rocking or mumbling to oneself.  Another sign is your own observance of threatening or belittling verbal abuse from a caretaker or family member.

Elder Neglect Warning Signs

If you are worried your loved one is being neglected, it is important to look out for indicators that he or she is not being cared for properly.  Make sure you address the problem if you notice unusual weight loss or dehydration, bed sores, unsanitary or unsafe living conditions, clothing that is inappropriate for the weather, and a lack of regular bathing or cleansing.

Financial Abuse Warning Signs

Some signs of financial abuse and exploitation to watch for include sudden changes in the elderly person’s will, withdrawals of significant sums of money from financial accounts, missing cash or other items, and certain types of financial activity that you know would be impossible for the elderly individual to have done on their own.

Keeping in mind these warning signs of various forms of elder abuse can help you better protect your loved one.  Don’t hesitate to speak with them regarding any of these warning signs you may have noticed.