After making that difficult decision to end your union, your next relevant decision is to choose a divorce attorney who will get the best results for you and your family. When choosing a surgeon or doctor to carry out a difficult medical procedure, the patient is looking for a doctor not only with the necessary experience but also a doctor with good medical manner. By asking a professional attorney the right questions and feeling that your personalities go hand-in-hand, you can increase your chances of achieving results that will allow you to progress into your new life after marriage. To ensure you get the best divorce attorney you can visit However, the following questions will help you decide if a particular divorce lawyer is the best for you:

#1: Have you ever handled cases like mine?

All divorce cases are unique; however, your lawyer must have a success story with cases that share some similar features with yours. Whether you are the spouse who should take custody of the young children, a wealthy individual with significant properties for sharing or a child boomer that ends a long-term marriage (also known as a gray divorce), your lawyer needs to understand the issues challenges related to a case like yours and gives you the possibility of a potential result.

#2: Do you know the opposition lawyer?

A lawyer with prior experience that sits across a conference table from the attorney of your spouse can have a better idea of ​​the approaches and strategies of the opposing lawyer in cases of divorce and can help in preparing you better to know what to expect.

#3: What percentage of your cases are resolved before going to trial?

Almost all divorced people expect to escape court trials, which is emotionally more exhausting and very expensive than reaching an agreement. If the negotiations get broken down and a court trial becomes inevitable, you would also want to know that the lawyer is an experienced attorney with a successful record of wins.

#4: How much will it cost?

Feel free to ask how your case will be charged and what are the fees for the main players (legal assistants, lawyers, and support staff). Do not assume automatically that a higher hourly rate means it is costlier. You have what you pay for. A lawyer with a high hourly rate may eventually end up as a relative bargain if he resolves the case more quickly.

#5: How will you be available? Do you answer emails?

Electronic communication has changed our practice completely. Through e-mail, lawyers can now utilize the time spent waiting in courts to answer customer questions in a short and direct way.