In today’s world, technology is everywhere. In particular, our mobile phones play a big part in our daily life and it can be hard for some people to put them down. But, as people are spending more time on their phone than ever before, this is leading to an increase in accidents on Irish roads.

Of course, it is an offence to drive and hold your mobile phone, whether this is in your hand or balanced on your shoulder. This applies to texting, calling and using social media behind the wheel. Studies have found that using your phone while you are driving can make you four times more likely to have an accident. This is due to the visual distraction caused by technology. Taking your eyes away from the road for only a few seconds can be enough to cause an accident.While you can use hands-free methods to make calls in your car, it has been found that this can still distract you when you are driving.

Crashing into Other Motorists

When your eyes are taken off the road and you are concentrating on your mobile phone, this can make it harder to stay in the right lane. This can lead to crashes with other cars on the road, whether they are beside you or travelling in the opposite direction.

Rear Ending

Driving requires you to think; from reading road signs to changing gears, you always have to concentrate when you are behind a wheel. When you concentrate on your phone instead, this can mean that your cognitive ability is impaired and it can be harder to read situations, such as how fast you are travelling or the distance between you and car in front. This can lead to a rear-end collision.

Crashing into Pedestrians

When you are driving, you always have to be on the look-out for pedestrians. Whether they are walking on the side of the road or at crossings, it is your duty as a driver to watch and avoid any collisions, as well as stop if necessary. If your eyes are off the road or you are paying more attention to your conversation, it can mean that you see a pedestrian at the last minute. This can lead to accidents and serious injury.

Crashing into Cyclists

Paying attention to your phone more than your driving can also pose a threat to cyclists on the road. Since people on bikes can be harder to see, this can make it more likely you can have an accident when you are distracted. In addition, this can mean that the injuries sustained to the cyclists can be more serious. It is for this reason that cycling accident claims are increasing in Dublin and Ireland.

Crashing into Motorcyclists

Mobile phones mean that drivers are not devoting their full attention to the road. Your decision-making can be impaired, which can lead to speeding, failing to keep a safe distance and not seeing motorcyclists around you. Since motorbikes can manoeuvre a lot faster than a car, you may be more likely to have an accident if you are distracted.

The increase in accidents on Irish roads has also meant there has been an increase in personal injury claims. Generally, the driver that has been distracted by a mobile phone at the wheel will be held at fault for the accident. This means that if you are a third party involved in the accident, whether you are another driver, cyclist or pedestrian, you can make a personal injury claim. This can be compensation for the injuries that you have sustained, as well as other losses associated with the accident.