Many people strive to visit or migrate to The United States of America on different categories of visa. From around the world there are many people gifted with extraordinary skills, for those specially gifted people the United States of America has a special category of a Non Immigrant visa which is an O-1 visa. This visa is for people with extraordinary skill in the field of art, business, entertainment, motion picture, television and sciences.

Eligibility Criteria for O1 Visa

To qualify for the application of O1 visa the applicant must have demonstrated extraordinary skill on national or international level. She/he should have been acclaimed or recognized for their skills, they should have been decorated with national and international awards and felicitations.

How to apply for an O1 Visa

For each and every visa there is a specific process set by the respective countries in the same way the USCIS i.e. U.S Citizenship and Immigration services has a specific process to apply for the O1 visa. Below are some of the points that have to be kept in mind while applying:

    • The petitioner files form I-129, petition for O1 visa
  • Provide required documentation at the time of application.

How to get a professional Help

This is the main or the key point where we get stuck. Person qualifies in each and every aspect for The O1 visa and also has the knowledge about what is needed BUT does not have a proper guideline to apply, which is where the immigration lawyers come into picture. These Lawyers are like angles for the people who have all the knowledge but do not have a proper guidance to execute it.

Especially for O1 visas where the applicant needs a petitioner and an expert legal advice the immigration Lawyers come to their rescue. There are specially acclaimed lawyers who have specialized for consultation of O1 visas. This O1 Visa Lawyer gives an in-depth consultation on the preparation and application of the O1 visas. These are set of lawyers who are thorough with the immigration laws and have best immigration visa solutions.