The advent of e-commerce has blurred the nations’ borders as we are able to procure products from other countries by the click of a button. Obviously, as an entrepreneur, your focus will be to maximize sales of your product and services. But counterfeit products in the market threaten your position along with your company revenue. On foreign soil, it is a challenge to ensure infringement of copyrights on your product does not happen. In order to encourage foreign suppliers and investors, the trademark registration system was introduced to protect the intellectual rights of companies on their products and services and prevent illegal competition. Many governments approved agencies have proved an invaluable guiding force for alien suppliers to market their product on foreign soil.

Trademark registration companies and their association with you:

Trademark registration companies such as have become a crucial player in the international market dedicated to intellectual property protection. These companies have a vast network of professional attorneys in every country to ensure that you will receive the best legal counsel with regards to trademark registration in the respective country. The best part about such multinational companies is that they are transparent in matters of payment of fees and guaranteed service delivery in the country in question. They will also assign a personal account manager who will specifically handle your product registration with ease. Post registration, the company will help you to publish your product through its extensive local marketing networks in every country. Upon expiry, Bonamark will help to renew the registration for you.

Trademark Research:

The extensive copyright database maintained by Bonamark allows you to determine which trademark is available for use. This will help you in the application process. A detailed registration report by the personal account manager will keep you aware of the guidelines of the specifications required as per the trade norms of the country. This will reduce the probability of objection by examiners while applying for registration.

Assistance provided to you when filing lawsuits:

As mentioned earlier, your personal account manager will facilitate your filing of lawsuits against unlawful duplication of your product. With a vast legal network of attorneys, quick resolution of your grievance is assured. Bonamark has a vast database of genuine trade reference for you to research the companies’ efficacy in more than 150 countries.