Many Brits and people from other foreign countries have successfully made the move to the USA, however it is imperative for those considering moving to do their research and ensure that they find out all of the necessary information before jumping in head first in order to make the transition as easy and stress-free as possible.

Last year alone almost 760,000 Brits made the move to America, each with their own reasons whether they were to seek refuge, for personal reasons, work and education or anything else – There are too many reasons why people choose to move to the USA to list. No matter what your reasons for looking to move may be we advise that you carry on reading today, to discover a handy checklist to make your move that little bit easier…intel

Things that you need to know!

Paperwork – Before moving, you must be aware that there is going to be lots of paperwork for you to complete.  Dependant on your reasons for moving, you will be faced with a range of visa options, and in many cases it can be hard for people to determine which the most suitable options for their individual needs are. Because of this it is highly advisable for all looking to make the move to hire America immigration lawyers to assist, whom will be able to provide leading advice and guidance throughout the entire process, right from A to B. In addition to this people thinking about moving should straight away ensure that their passports are in date and not close to expiring as these things are known to cause hefty delays.

Cost of Livingintel

It is vital for people thinking about moving to America to understand that the cost of living is largely dependent on where abouts in America you decide to move to. For example, in 2014 New York was named the 5th most expensive city to live in, in the entire world, closely followed by Boston, San Francisco and Los Angeles. However, there are more affordable locations to live in America, and it is all about researching for as long as possible. It is also a good idea to holiday to America a couple of times to look around the different regions before making any location decisions.


America is well known for the plethora of diversity that it offers; no matter what kind of lifestyle that you’re looking for, we are certain that you will be able to find it in one of Americas 50 states.  Whether you seek a busy cosmopolitan life or are looking to retire to the coach in search of relaxation, America could be the place for you. Again though, because of the vast diversity research into each location of interest has to be made.


People moving to America need to be aware that healthcare is more expensive in America and that they will have to get health insurance to ensure that they are covered should anything happen to them. Healthcare is not available to those who do not have health insurance, so make sure that before you go to America you look into this and purchase the best one available.

These are only some of the available tis too, if you require further information we advise that you talk to your chosen immigration lawyer who will no doubt be delighted to assist you.