Court reporting is done everywhere in the world, there and majorly two types of court reporting which can be seen in the courts these days. One of the types of court reporters is the official Court reporters who work for the judges and the courts. Earlier only official court reporters existed but due to the greater demand and increasing needs of people another new type of court reporters also came into existence known as independent Court reporter whose function is to provide services outside the courtroom. Due to the demand of Modern Times, an officer is appointed outside the courtroom to provide the reporting services to people outside the court. The court reporter service are provided to the court by these two types of court reporters

So in today’s world, these two types of court reporters are said to be the officers of the court who provide the services for the Welfare of people both in inside and outside of the court. The official Court reporter is the government employee, and traditionally he was appointed by the court officials to give his services to the court. But today the court reporters supply to the court on a contract basis; this is so because today many jurisdictions rely on independent court reporting.

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